1. French bulldogs LOVE people! They love anyone and everyone.
  2. Bulldogs are considered a "silent breed". Simply put they don't bark much, which is good for you and good for your neighbors.
  3. French Bulldogs can make good apartment dogs. These dogs don't  require tons of space as long as you don't leave them alone too long.
  4. Frenchies enjoy walks. They are a moderate energy dog so short walks  get the job done. They WILL NOT be your running buddy. No collars, body  harnesses only.
  5. Frenchies love order and cleanliness.
  6. French Bulldogs love spending time with family indoors. Nothing is better then snuggling up with your puppy on cold winter days.
  7. French Bulldogs are independent, funny, obedient, protective and  affectionate. All pluses for a family pet. They have also been known to  have a so-called "sixth sense" when it comes to protecting children.
  8. This is NOT an outdoor dog!! This is a Brachycephalic breed (flat  faced) and pants inefficiently. Heat stress can cause the throat to  swell, rapidly increasing overheating, and restricting airflow into the  respiratory system.  They can DIE from overheating very easily.
  9. This dog should not be left in your car. If your car is too hot for you it is definitely too hot for your Frenchie.
  10. French Bulldogs are very social. One of the best qualities of a  Frenchie is its sociable and happy nature. This means it is your  responsibility to provide them with plenty of attention. If you work  long days or are gone for long periods of time then this is not the dog  for you.
  11. French Bulldogs SINK in water. You should reconsider owning this  breed if you have a swimming pool or live by a lake or pond. Frenchies  have a top heavy frame, chest and head. The French Bulldog cannot swim,  and will quickly drown if they are in water where their feet cannot  touch the ground. Some Frenchies enjoy water and can do so under close  supervision or with a life jacket.