What is the return policy?

We do not take returning a puppy lightly.  We try to minimze this from happening by trying to get to know our puppy parents before they adopt, and if needed supporting the parent(s) before the decision of returning the puppy is definite.  Sometimes a little info goes a long way.

Following the adoption if you decide that you want to return the puppy for any reason other than congenital health defects (which are covered by our health guarantee) our policy is as follows:

French Bullies will keep $500 (this is a non-refundable deposit), as well as 20% of the new selling price. The reselling price may be lower than the original price due to puppy’s age. The refund is calculated from the new re-selling price, no refunds from the original price will be given. The buyer will only receive the refund once the puppy has been resold.